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Northern Bank & Trust

UX/UI Design
Site Redesign



Northern Bank & Trust covers the New England area with over twenty locations. Northern Bank believes that helping entrepreneurs build a successful business helps build a stronger, more vital community for us all. That’s a philosophy they’ve put into practice for over 60 years.

Their business was founded and built by entrepreneurs, who when they discovered a traditional bank wouldn’t lend them money, decided to start a bank of their own — a bank that would support the entrepreneurial spirit of the community. A bank designed to help individuals realize their personal dreams and entrepreneurs help their businesses grow.


UX/UI Designer


2 Months



Craft CMS



To create a strong/affective online presence with a website redesign and buildout over a period of two months.


Along with a Senior UI Designer, the solution was to divide and conquer. Creating a design system, creating/buidling page layouts and delivering final mockups ready for production.

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My Impact

What did I actually do?

My focus throughout this project was aiding with all aspects of the design process. I would start with the overall UX of the layout, help with visual information of iconography and build out finalized mockups within the company’s CMS.

Like other projects, focusing on the overall user experience is step one. Following the UX Copywriter’s copy, I would create the page layout while following the design system set by the Senior UI Designer. Once we both agreed on best practices and the layout of each page, final touches would be put on the mock-ups to be sent for final approval from the client.

The third party development company we used were able to set up all main components from the design system. This allowed for a quick and easy build-out for all necessary pages established from the site’s initial Information Architecture.



Pages were designed and delivered throughout the entirety of the of the project.



Icons were designed, iterated on and delivered to help with visual information.



Pages were created within the site’s CMS to complete the site map.

Key frames & mocks

Show me the visuals!

We all know that visuals say a lot — so, take a quick look at some of the pages created for Northern Bank & Trust.

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Final Deliverables

The final outcome

After all the work and all the iterations, we produced a completed site along with digital assets to help with future page build-outs. These digital assets would help another designer with photo presets, icons and page layouts.

Reflection and Next Steps

What’s next?

After handing off all deliverables, there were minor updates to the site. Along with visuals and icons, additional pages were designed and built-out in the CMS.

Northern Bank & Trust was considering the production of a mobile App, but after stakeholder meetings and multiple discussions, it was placed on the back burner for the time being.

If you'd like to visit the new site for Northern Bank & Trust, click HERE.

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