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I'm Brad.

A freelance Experience & Interface Designer helping companies, large and small, reach their goals of innovating, creating and executing products that change the name of the game.


About Me

An after-school job when I was sixteen set me off into an adventure I never thought would bring me to where I am today. I’ve traveled throughout the United States as part of an elite group solely equipped to solve daily operation issues for everyday guests, pursued my love for management while connecting with co-workers and corporate executives alike and found a passion for creating thoughtful designs from merely following my heart. 

I specialize in understanding and empathizing with the user’s wants and needs. Persona development and user flows are what drive me to pursue a plethora of solutions and options to whatever problem or need the user may have throughout their journey. When I’m not designing, I’m enjoying the SoCal weather and the SaMo state of mind.


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Check out some of my recent design projects — my case studies below should give you a good indication of my design skills and aesthetics. If you're looking for something particular, feel free to browse all of the projects!
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🤙 Hello and salutations from beautiful Santa Monica, CA. 

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