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With over 25+ years of flying corporate and experience as a Fortune 100 Director of Aviation, founder, Rick Koubsky, founded this aviation staffing agency. The goal? To elevate careers and businesses in the aviation industry.

BizJetJobs is using their updated platform to bridge the gap between talents and employers, creating lasting partnerships that shape careers and drive success.

UX/UI Designer
3 Weeks

As a solo designer, working alongside the Alpha Omega Agency Product Leader, to create and show a vision for the new process of the site and web application.


First to design a new look for the marketing site, second to revamp the user experience of the job search tool and finally to refine the job posting and candidate searching tool for aviation companies.

My impact

What did I actually do?

My main focus throughout this project was to produce and understand the process of the aviation job search. This would help me understand the wants and needs of both personas: Job Candidates and Aviation Companies.

From there, I would be able to piece together an appropriate user flow and key high fidelity mocks/frames to gain feedback before they are sent to the engineering team.

Like other projects, focusing on the overall user experience is step one. Following the guidance from the Product Leader, I would be able to create the pages that best sells the vision of the site and the overall application.

User Flow & WireFrames

Understanding the Journey

The original site and user flow was difficult to navigate and represented an era which has been long forgotten. My main goal of this part of the process was to bring BizJetJobs into a new era with a more familiar feel that most users find on job search platforms.

After going through the original user flow of the site, I quickly became confused by which action took me to which flow. When job searching, users often want to quickly search and filter in order to find the job that most closely matches their criteria.

 The main selling point for the Alpha Omega Agency team was to build out a fully comprehensive platform framework which could be able to built upon later down the line.

The main User Flows developed are shown below:

Final Deliverables

Marketing Site & Job Search Application

At the end of the three weeks working on this project, the need to realign the wants of the client more closely with the needs of the user was imperative. We had to deliver a fully comprehensive product to put into development ASAP. With that in mind, I delivered three main aspects to the team.

The three main aspects were the marketing site, the job candidate flow and the employer flow.

Marketing Site

The marketing site needed to reflect the new vision for the company and the overall effectiveness of the new job search tool and services. I also focused on key pages to help the user make decisions on membership tiers and FAQs.

Since design was ahead of copy, most of the site featured key sections and designs that would ultimately be up to the branding team to place copy.

Job Candidate Flow

The web application was designed with the job candidates being the primary persona. So, when building out the pages and components I wanted to make sure they met the users needs and were easy to follow. I took inspiration from other main stream job seeking sights, but I also wanted to bring life and personality to the components.

By doing so, I felt we could expand the site’s appeal to more demographics and gain trust in what some users called a “spam-like name.” The goal was to give BizJetJobs components which could be built upon further down the product roadmap.

Employer Flow

A big piece to the application was the interaction/flow for our employers. The need was to make sure employers could quickly find the right candidate and reach out for next steps. Just like the components for the job candidates, I wanted to make sure the design language was consistent throughout and could be expanded upon later down the line.

Key aspects were the Employer’s Profile, Job Posting Flow and Filtering Candidates. All of these pieces were addressed within the three week time frame.  

Reflection and Next Steps

What’s next?

To design and iterate within three weeks was an intense ask for this project. It incorporated so many aspects that needed to be flushed out, but in the end the final product was enough for the brand to step into their new chapter for this product.

If given a longer time frame, I could have explored more options for the marketing site and the application components. This would have brought the concept to the next level in UI, but it wasn’t necessary at the moment.

Feel free to check out the end result!

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